Woolloongabba, Ipswich and Mt Gravatt Residents know the Best Driving Schools in the Area Teach the ‘Rightway’

Congratulations! You’ve just turned 16 and are soon to get behind the wheel of an automobile and start driving. If you’re like most teens, the excitement of knowing you’ll soon enjoy the fun and freedom that driving provides, is almost unbearable. Also, you likely wonder how you’ll log all of those required hours and pass the driving exam. If you’re pondering how and where you will learn the rules of the road so you can get moving, you’ve come to the ‘right’ place. At Rightway Driving School, we provide a relaxed and encouraging environment for every student. Our reputation for offering an overall positive experience keeps customers choosing to learn with one of the biggest driving schools in Woolloongabba.

Professional Instructors Equal One of the Best Driving Schools in Ipswich

There’s a saying that “when the student is ready, the teacher shall come.” At Rightway Driving, our instructors are always ready for our driving students in Woolloongabba and they come with a host of training that qualifies them to work for us. When you work with us, you will take instruction from engaged and sought-after professionals. Our driving teachers are hand-selected and put through a rigorous training themselves. Since our owners personally choose each Rightway Driving instructor, we have become one of the most personalised driving schools in Mt Gravatt.

From Learner to Licensed - Rightway Driving Schools in Mt Gravatt and Woolloongabba gets the Wheels Moving!

Our principal services include driving schools in Mt Gravatt that transform learner drivers into capable and safe motorists. We offer a series of lessons in a structured and encouraging environment, taught by trustworthy and experienced teachers. Our proficient driving instructors utilise a time-honoured curriculum and teach the competencies necessary for you to drive safely and pass your test.

We cater to all levels of student experience, and our instructors in Ipswich will adapt their training to coincide with your level of driving experience. That means that there is no ‘standard’ driving lesson for students in Ipswich. For example, we offer both male and female instructors who are well versed and who have a lot of personal interaction experience with students.

Also, we offer different types of lessons that cover a wide range of driving skills and topics, breeding a well-versed student. These lesson types include the ‘initial lesson’ wherein we take the time to go over some basic procedures and assess the objective for the learner. Also, during this lesson, we will go over the licencing time frame, learner experience, and any possible knowledge of autos, and we will formulate a training plan that is right for you. We also offer continued, ongoing lessons so you can continue to enhance your driving skills. Another unique lesson type we offer is referred to as the ‘mock test’. This lesson entails an instructor-devised simulated drive test environment followed by an assessment.

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"No yelling or abuse, just caring, quality controlled and tailored lessons to get your licence and stay safe on the roads for life!"